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Tears are essential for nourishment and lubrication of the eyes. Each time you blink, you’re washing your eyes with tears produced by the lacrimal glands above your upper eyelids. These glands will produce extra tears in response to irritation and inflammation. Tears normally drain out of the eye and into the nose through ducts located in the corners of your eyes. When you produce too many tears, or when normal tear drainage is blocked, your eyes may get watery or runny. The influx of tears can spill onto your eyelids and cheeks, as though you are crying.

The excess tears can be caused by dry eye syndrome. It might not make sense, but dry eye often leads to watery eyes. This happens because the irritation associated with dry eye syndrome causes your body to over-produce tears as a self-defense mechanism. However, the dryness will come back once the period of excessive tearing passes.

If you find yourself with watery or runny eyes, it is likely that it could be a symptom of dry eye.


In that case, it is important to have one of our Calgary optometrists examine the production of your tears to find out which treatment plan would be best suited for you.

Watery/Runny Eyes