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The Dry Eye Institute of Canada has tested many Dry Eye Nutraceuticals. This is the formulary we have found to be most effective for the value.

Dry Eye Nutraceutical is made for the treatment of Dry Eye from Meibomian Gland Disease/Dysfunction (MGD) which is the most common cause of Dry Eye in Canada. It does not resolve the issue instantaneously but is something which requires prolonged use to help treat and sometimes resolve the Dry Eye. For patient comfort continued use is needed. There are also added benefits to other parts of the body than just the Dry Eye.

The active ingredients are important, but also the source and how they are isolated, manufactured and combined. The ingredients and process are not the same as what you would get at the drugstore. The main active ingredients are three long chains of fatty acids:


EPA essential for cardiovascular health

DHA essential for the brain, eyes, and central nervous system

DPA essential for balancing EPA and DHA levels

         Improves bodily absorption of omega-3

         10 times more effective than EPA in healing damaged blood vessels


These work together to reduce the inflammation in the Meibomian Gland and to help produce a better quality of tear. It takes a month to notice much difference in most people and up to two months in others. If at this point there is no difference, then alternative treatments should be sought from practitioners who are members of The Dry Eye Institute of Canada.

Dry Eye Nutraceutical should not be taken if a person is allergic to fish or taking blood thinners other than 81mg Aspirin.

Dry Eye Nutraceutical