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Dry Eye Nutraceutical

Dry Eye Nutraceutical (DEN) is made for the treatment of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, the most common cause of Dry Eye in Canada. Prolonged use of DEN has proven to treat – and in some cases resolve – Dry Eye for many individuals.

The Dry Eye Institute of Canada has sourced high quality ingredients for the production of DEN. The main active ingredients in DEN are three long chains of fatty acids;

EPA - Essential for cardiovascular health

DHA - Essential for the brain, eyes, and central nervous system

DPA - Essential for balancing EPA and DHA levels. Improves bodily absorption of Omega-3

Together, these ingredients reduce inflammation in the Meibomian Gland and aid the body in producing a better quality component to tears. 

While the ingredients are important, the way in which they are isolated, manufactured, and combined is key. The ingredients and process are not the same as what you get in a drugstore nutraceutical. 

In addition to treating Dry Eye, taking DEN may result in silkier and shinier hair, an improved complexion, and benefits to heart and brain health.

Dosage: For maximum efficacy, DEN should be taken 3 times per day, with food.

In most cases, individuals taking DEN will begin to see improvement in Dry Eye symptoms after one-to-four months of continued use.

Please advise that DEN is not suitable for individuals with allergies to fish, or those who take blood thinners, excluding Aspirin.

Dry Eye Nutraceutical is a product of the

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