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Systane Ultra Hydration:

We have found through subject studies we conducted ourselves and through patient experience the most effective drop to use for dry eye symptoms, at this time, is the Systane Ultra Hydration. It lasts longer and is more effective than any other drops we have tested it against in the overwhelming majority of individuals. For those who need a preservative free drop, the Thealoz drop would be the go to multi-use choice. 

Blink Gel Tears:

Blink gel tears have a unique advanced formula that treats symptoms of dry eye. Blink gel has a more viscous formula specially designed for enhanced comfort in moderate-severe dry eye patients.  

Systane Lid Wipes:

Systane lid wipes are sterile, hypoallergenic, pre-moistened wipes that gently cleanse the eyelid area of oily residue and debris. Eyelid hygiene can play an important role in preserving your eye health. 

Bruder Eye Hydration Compress:

The bruder eye hydration mask features naturally hydrating MediBeads. This product is fast acting and easy to use. It replenishes moisture and relieves dryness in the eyes. It is a natural way to treat chronic dry eye, blepharitis, and the production of meibum in the meibomian glands. 



Hylo drops offer immediate comfort and protects your eyes from dryness and irritation for a long period of time. Hylo is also preservative and phosphate free. 


Blephadex Eyelid Wipes:

Unlike most cleansers, these wipes are a combination of tea tree oil, coconut oil and a gentle lid cleanser. Blephadex wipes helps to remove oil, debris and pollen without discomfort. 


Hylo Gel:

Hylo gel drops were developed for patients with more severe and persistent dry eye, who require more intensive, therapeutic lubrication of the ocular surface. 


Thealoz is a preservative free eye drop solution for management of dry eye symptoms. Its unique ingredient Trehalose provides a completely novel approach to dry eye relief. These drops improve the daily stresses of dry environment and changes the tear film chemistry.



Hyabak is a hypotonic formulation (low osmolarity) which means it particularly addresses the chemistry imbalance of the tear film in chronic dry eye and is better at soothing symptoms. Hyabak also has no preservatives. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of these preferred dry eye products visit our online store. 

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