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Another common symptom of dry eye is blurry vision especially when it is accompanied by other symptoms like itchy, burning, red or watery eyes. If your vision improves after you blink, it can definitely be a sign that you may have dry eyes.

Your cornea needs to be well lubricated in order for you to see clearly. If you aren’t producing enough tears, or your tears aren’t high quality, the cells on top of your cornea will flake away. When your cornea dries out, it causes your vision to become blurred. You would probably notice blurry vision from dry eyes most, when you are staring at a screen for a long period of time and therefore not blinking as frequently.

If you are experiencing any type of blurry vision it is very important to have your

eyes examined by one of our Calgary eye doctors.


If the cause of blurry vision is not from dry eye you may need a change in your prescription or

you may have a different eye condition present.

Blurry Vision